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Incentive Program
In Cambodia, primary school education is funded by the Government. Nevertheless, many students drop out because
their parents are unable to afford to buy such necessities as uniforms, shoes and notebooks. FBFF has decided to
provide the incentive of school packages to the top students and to help support the students from poorer families.

According to the teachers the overall performance of the students have improved since we started this incentive program.
The students have become more competitive (in a good way) to be the best in class.
Vietnamese Minorities in Cambodia
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Program and Activities in Cambodia
For a Better Future Foundation
Library Construction
Based on the fact that children in provinces have no access to books, we decided to build a small library in Prey Krang
Elementary School, Kampot Province in 2004. We are planning to build the second library in a nearby village, Preah Theat
as requested by the school administration.

The main purpose of the library construction are: to keep books and educational materials that teachers and students
have to share; to provide a place for after school activities and encourage a reading habit among the students; and to
provide a place for children to learn and will improve their access to reading materials.
Partnership with local NGOs
Considering that the importance of the sustainabilty of the programs and activities in Cambodia, FBFF has established
partnerships with local NGOs and support their activities on regular and non-regular basis. FBFF is willing to cooperate
with the NGOs who emphasize on human resource development and education.
Fundraising Activities
FBFF has its first fundraising activity in 2004 through silk painting exhibition and sales at the Asia Art Gallery. In
December 2006, Anita joined the Christmas Bazaar organized by the Women's International Group of Cambodia and
contributed all the proceeds to FBFF. Some members of the silk painting group also donated their pieces. FBFF is
planning another fundraising activity in 2006.
Silk Painting Table at the Christmas Bazaar
The sign outside the library