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About Us
How we started
This foundation was started informally by Irena Dean in
1997. She raised funds from her class mates and friends
in Japan to help some Indonesian students who live in our
neighborhood in Bandung.  Most of them are children of
"becak" (cyclo) drivers and house-helpers who earn just
enough for living. They are having problem to continue their
study because of long delay of payment of the tuition fee,
and the schools threatened them to leave. She saw this
problem, and realized that she can help them to pay the
fee.  That's how it started.  

In 2002, there was an inflow of refugees fled from Maluku
island to Java to avoid a religious conflict that already kill
thousands of people. Having no job nor shelter, we also try
to help several children to enter school and pay their

In January 2003, we decided to set up "For the Better
Future Foundation" which purpose is to continue our
support to children. The foundation is also the reflection of
our gratitude to our friends, family and our former schools
and universities who support our education when we
needed it. It's time for us to pay back and we wish to reach
more and more children who can benefit from our

We also hope that the foundation can be a place for people
who share the same vision with us and wish to help
children by contributing their time, money or prayer.
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For a Better Future Foundation